Moving Out of my Tiny Korean Apartment!

Hey folks,

Firstly, I have an admission (a  bit of an obvious one)… I didn’t post yesterday! Gasp! For those of you who’ve been following along, I’m participating in NaBloPoMo, which basically means you need to post once a day. I tried… and failed. I actually wanted to put up a photo of my bathroom cabinet, because it is ridiculously crammed full of stuff. However, I have been moving heaps of photos off of my packed-full SD cards and couldn’t find it, so of course I then thought I had lost all of my photos. Cue teary breakdown just before bed. Thankfully Gav helped show me the light (I had lost a few photos from the past few days but the rest of them were there) but then it was bedtime and there wasn’t no time to post. Believe me I wasn’t happy about that, but them’s the breaks!

So that was my Monday night, hope yours was better 😉

Most of the lost photos were of slightly different versions of the view from Gav’s house (or perhaps varying angles of my face), and they also included the one of my horrendously full bathroom cabinet. Unfortunately, after I took the photo I cleared the cabinet out to start moving my stuff out, so y’all will just have to imagine what that disaster site looked like. But the good news is that, after all this yattering on, yes… I’m moving out!

So that’s the theme of today’s post. Sorry it took me 4 paragraphs to get into it… but sometimes (often) that’s how my brain works!

(As an aside, I really missed posting on here yesterday! I promise to make it up to you and post everyday until at least March 2nd, and beyond ^^)

I have bittersweet feelings about my moving out. This really is the first place I’ve ever had all to myself, and a lot has happened while I’ve been here. Not in the actual physical space, because it was often too messy and crowded to have many people over, but just that it was my base while a lot of (fun!) changes were happening. When my brother came to stay, I got a message from him saying he had made it to my ‘tiny ass Asian apartment’, but even he saw the light and got used to the mini-ness of it after a week or so (which is saying something!). We even fit 7 of us in it for my birthday! We were all sitting on the floor and couldn’t really move too much, but it worked.

It has been my rock, my provider of shelter and (sometimes) hot water. I love my little shoebox.

Us celebrating my birthday in style ^^
Us celebrating my birthday in style ^^

My apartment is small, or ‘cosy’ as a friend once put it. It is an officetel, which means it is a small room in an office building as opposed to a fully kitted-out, family-sized apartment. Which also means I should stop referring to it as an apartment (doubtful!). It has room for an incredibly firm bed, a giant fridge, a cabinet my friends and I found on the side of the road and hoisted up into my room together, an as-yet-un-played keyboard and some booming bass speakers which now have a particularly sensitive and temperamental auxiliary cable due to my dragging it around via my computer. It’s a great place.

The kitchen is more of a kitchenette and the questionable gas stovetop produces a tremendous amount of smoke on the occasion that I cook, which is increasingly often (yay!). The bathroom is a small square of soapy goodness, featuring the traditional Korean shower-room style, wherein the whole bathroom is the shower. So you better wear those bathroom slippers!

I want to post more pictures about my apartment in a future post on Korean apartments. However, at the moment I am in between moving out and so there are a lot of bags and random items (stir-fry sauce and Hello Kitty post-it notes, anyone?) so it’s not exactly looking its best. I hope my verbal photo-essay (commonly known as an essay) has given you some idea of what I’m working with. More pictures to come!

All in all, I really will miss my little apartment. Gav’s apartment is much nicer, more spacious, newer, more convenient and just generally awesome. I’m so excited about moving in! However, I will miss how close my little shoebox is to school. It is literally on the same street, about a 40-second walk. I’m not even kidding you. Door to door, about a minute including the elevator and crossing the busy road. I love it! Especially for non-early morning, slumberous people like me 🙂

I’ll keep you posted (so to speak) on my whereabouts, as I am currently between houses and clearing it out so a friend can stay here for a few days before we finish our contracts. This is forcing me to be much more organised than what I usually (or comfortably) am, which is convenient and odd at the same time! I hope you have enjoyed my meandering stream-of-consciousness post today, and I will definitely see y’all tomorrow 🙂

Steph x