The Highlights of My Wednesday

Hi friends,

As you may or may not know, I am a part of February’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and am trying to uphold my commitment to write a post a day. Crikey! It’s not a hard thing to do necessarily, it’s just that I like to put a lot of time and thought into what I put here, especially with product reviews and other such serious things, and I haven’t quite had the chance. However, I thought I’d do the blog equivalent of a clip show and round up my highlights of today!

After all, who doesn’t need reminding about the good things in life on a Wednesday?!

Wise words :)
Wise words 🙂

So, firstly, I started the day with a delicious Coffee Queen’s mocha. I am going to start a series of places to go/visit/hang out in Guri and this has to be my number 1. It is a really cute coffee shop a few minutes from our school and it is just a really nice place to hang out. And they make amajing mochas too. Win!

Afterwards, we got to school and the kids were super cute. I honestly wish I could film some of the stuff that happens in my class room. Omg so ridic, and ridiculously cute. My kindergarten class are 5 years old (some just turned 6 a week or two ago) but in Korean years they are now ‘7’. This sometimes makes me forget that they are actually, you know, 5 and they work all day. It’s insane. They have all done really well over the past year, both with their English and just becoming more confident, so we have a lot of ‘sticker parties’ and ‘snack parties’ in our class. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty cool.

Tomorrow is actually our field trip day, and I am hoping that we have snacks! And these kids do not mess around when it comes to snacks. Sometimes it’s almost out of hand because there is so much stuff, and it’s just wonderful. They’re really generous cute little things and it is such a fun job! Arghhh I wish I could show you pictures because they are adorable!

My handmade fruit cup and kimbab from the last field trip <3
My handmade fruit cup and kimbab, plus juice, from the last field trip <3

Anyway, so in the afternoon it was Monthly Test day, which is easier because the kids do a test and we basically just have to supervise. Since all of our classes have slowly but surely been decreasing in numbers, it’s all pretty relaxed now. The new school term starts in March, but we are seriously winding down now and it’s a nice relaxed vibe. I will be sad to see everyone go in a few weeks but at least we are making the most of it now!

Lastly, for dinner Gavin, Sehar and I went to The Brazil, which is an incredible Brazilian (how did you guess?!) restaurant in Guri, of all places. This place is amazing and I think this has to be the second post in the ‘best of Guri’ series. For 33,000won you get a 7-course meal featuring all different cuts of meat, delivered to your table by a genuine Brazilian chef. It’s incredible!

So, after a sleepy start it has been a nice Wednesday. I am a bit sleep deprived right now so I will keep this brief, but thanks for reading and see you tomorrow! 🙂

Steph x