The Pit & The Peak of My Week

Hey y’all,

So lately I have been focusing more on my blog and becoming involved with the blogging community. Although I have done this before, I feel a bit out of touch and am feeling my way back. Blogs in 2014 are different to what they were in the early 2000s, and instead of the ol’ webring there is now something (similar) called a link-up. I don’t even know why I’m telling you this because you probably all know but it is news to me so please just humour me!

Anyway, so having a poke around Bloglovin (you can follow me on there, btw) I found a wonderful blog called That’s What She Read. being a fellow bookworm, this was a wonderful find for me. What’s more, I discovered The Pit & The Peak Link-Up, which basically outlines the highs and lows of your week. This is meant to be done on a Friday, but following in my late-to-the-party theme, I shall be posting this on a Sunday!


So, let’s start with the (relative) lows of my week:

  • This cold! It has hung around for far too long and now I have infected Gavin, so we are both coughing and spluttering at school and at home. Not fun, but at least we are on the mend!
  • Weird sleep patterns: Because of said cold, my sleeping rhythms haven’t been the best, and have led to a lot of wakeups throughout the night… and to a lot of sleepy mornings at school. Thank goodness for the amazing accessibility (and taste) of coffee in Korea!

Now, for the highlights of my week!

Me and my snag on Australia Day
Me and my snag on Australia Day
  • Today is Australia Day! I have been listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100 all afternoon and it makes me feel simultaneously homesick and happy.  I don’t usually do anything too crazy on Australia day, but when you are outside looking in there are a lot of amazing things about the Australian people and culture which may not always be obvious. Plus, today Gav and I decided to celebrate and we (he) cooked up some snags (sausages) on the barbie (frypan) and bloody oath, it was delicious mate! Most of all, I feel proud to be Australian and blessed to have been born and raised in the Lucky Country <3
  • This weekend has been a quiet, lazy kind of weekend… and I have loved every minute of it. We have had no alarms, nowhere to be, and I have relaxed so much its insane. My skin is loving me for it! That’s another highlight actually: despite the cold, dry wintriness of Korea right now, somehow my skin has survived and is even (dare I say it) glowing today. Part of this is from skincare, and the other part is from eating right and looking after myself. I am proud of my efforts!
  • The food: this week I have enjoyed a feast at Korea’s greatest Indian restaurant, Everest; have cooked my own succulent salmon steak which was AMAZING (just quietly); have discovered and enjoyed the delights of Timberry frozen yoghurt in Guri’s Lotte Department; and have also feasted on Australia’s very own Tim Tams. As I said, I’ve also been eating a lot of fruits and veggies so I feel heaps better this week. You really can get anything in Korea!
  • The weather! Recently it has been super chilly and dry here in Guri, but today (and the past few days) have been warmer and actually really beautiful. Today, for example, it was sunny and a balmy 1 degree, and it was SO perfect. I’m not kidding, it felt almost warm, and the other day when it was 5 degrees we were practically sweating! It’s funny how acclimatised you get to below zero temperatures. Maybe Korea knew today was a special day! Either way, recently it has been a teeeensy bit more forgiving, and I am so happy about it ^^
My succulent, succulent salmon from Lotte Department
My succulent, succulent salmon from Lotte Department

So these are the highlights of my week, I hope y’all enjoyed it and I would love to hear about your week too! Hopefully it’s been a good one 🙂

Speak to you soon,

Steph x

  1. I’ve always felt like it should be easier to sleep and stay asleep when it’s cold and you are all snuggled up under blankets, but I guess that’s not the case. EVERYONE is saying they have had a hard time sleeping this week, myself included! Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Yes you would think so! I’ve just woken up from a sweep slumber though so maybe my luck is changing 😉 thanks for your comment Allie, I’m sure I’ll see you again!

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