Homeward Bound! (featuring Incheon Airport)

Hey y’all!

I am currently at Incheon Airport and have ten minutes until my flight starts to board. I thought I’d give you a quick update of my whereabouts, and also let you know that I am SO excited to be home on Australian soil very soon!

I arrived at the airport almost two hours ago after realising that there were no more airport buses running and jumping in a cab quick snap. But what a jammy ride! For any of you unfamiliar with Korean taxi prices, you are in for a very pleasant surprise when you come here. For an hour long journey, plus tolls, it came to about 65,000 won. That is not bad! Especially considering it was so much more comfortable and that I could just sit back and relax.

Incheon Airport's stylin' chandelier
Incheon Airport’s stylin’ chandelier

And Incheon Airport is not a bad place to while away a few hours (as you can see from that bad – as in good – chandelier). It has been voted the Best Airport in the World 8 years in a row… and I can actually see why. Usually with these pompous-sounding awards, it’s a bit far-fetched and clearly rigged. But with Incheon… it’s so nice here, and so modern. Plus it’s huge! It has everything you could ever want (just like Korea). It even has a Gloria Jean’! Unfortunately both locations (it’s so big there are two… that is a big deal for Korea where there are approximately zero GJ’s) were closed by the time I got here, but I still bask in their warm, knowing orange and brown signage. Mmm, ice choc chiller.

Here are a couple of quick shots of Incheon Airport to show you just a taste of its style (I’m not even kidding):

Cute/angry giant snowman and snow-woman display
Cute/angry giant snowman and snow-woman display

These snowman were absolutely giant and super cute. Also sort of angry. But the cute little lady one makes up for it!

Beautiful light display outside duty free
Beautiful light display

This light display was just outside the duty free shops. It pretty much sums up Korea: extravagant, over-the-top, but oh-so-pretty.

Anyway this isn’t the most in-depth post, but at least it’s a post! I will be arriving in Perth in about 14 hours (via Singapore) so I will speak to you all later! So excited to get on this flight, partly because I’m flying Singapore Airlines (ohhhh my goodness, heaven) but mainly to be going home to Australia. So, so excited. I cannot wait to be there, be with my family and relaaaax. If the sad state of my hair is anything to go by, I need a holiday! And although this will be a short and jam-packed one, it’s a break nonetheless.

I absolutely can’t wait 🙂

Steph x