Another Divine Dinner at Fabulous Fine Food, McKinnon.

I have previously posted about Fabulous Fine Food in McKinnon, but tonight warrants another rave review. To celebrate both my mother’s and my brother’s September birthdays, we headed down for a family dinner. Once again, I was blown away. I unfortunately don’t have any photos to delight you with, but hopefully my descriptions will get your mouth watering almost as much.

To start with, I shared the ginger and coriander prawns with my mother, which came on a bed of green mango. Succulent and beautiful, I was definitely left wanting more. The prawns were cooked to perfection. After this, and a very funny family story which I will just say involves an anonymous caller and a mouth organ, our mains were served. Both mum and my brother had the eye fillet steak, served with a beautiful  jus and garlicky mash, and dad had the fish of the day served with asparagus on a bed of kipfler potatoes. I ordered the pumpkin, silverbeet and persian fetta tortellini, served with a tomato and herb sauce. It was to die for. I don’t tend to order pasta dishes when I dine out, as I somehow don’t think of it as an ‘occasion’ food. But when the waitress described how delicious it was and that the tortellini was handmade and very delicate, I was sold. Absolutely beautiful! My only issue was that I ordered the small, which only came with three (rather large) pieces of tortellini. Most restaurants usually serve up their pasta dishes in massive, plain serves, and I was expecting the dish to be bigger. However, at Fabulous Fine Foods, quality definitely reigns over quantity, and it was melt in the mouth, beautiful food. It ended up working for me, as it left the perfect amount of room for dessert! A flawless plan  after all.

On the special menu for dessert tonight?  A spiced apple cake, flourless blood orange cake, banana and honey creme brulee, strawberry custard sponge cake and individual meringues. Mum got the creme brulee, dad the apple cake and my brother the strawberry custard cream cake. I ordered the chocolate fondant, which is a menu staple. They were all absolutely incredible. My fondant was perfectly cooked on the outside and incredibly gooey and delicious in the middle. Served with clotted cream, it is the perfect guilty (or not so guilty) indulgence for the chocolate lover in all of us. The creme brulee was beautiful and delicate, and I love how Fabulous Fine Food permanently have a creme brulee on the menu but that the flavours change constantly. It really shows an inventiveness and creativeness which has won the hearts of the locals. Dad’s spiced apple cake was fruity and flavoursome, and although my brother’s strawberry custard cake was probably a bit too creamy for me, but the strawberry custard was to die for. An amazing dinner, once again.

Fabulous Fine Food in McKinnon really care about hteir food, their service and their customers. Ross, one of the owners, is great in the front-of-house role. Our waitress was attentive and helpful. And the food, oh, the food! Every time it is incredible, and 0nce again it impressed us all. I cannot urge you enough to dine here! For a decadent dinner and dessert. or a casual coffee or lunch, Fabulous Fine Food is one of the best.