Best Thai Food in Glen Waverley: A Review of Thai Yim, Glen Waverley.

Can you hear Usher’s song “O.M.G.” in the background? I swear that it was a tribute to the amazing Thai Yim in Glen Waverley. My boyfriend and his best friend discovered this gem a while ago, and we have never looked back. Yes, it is that good. And with the stiff competition for Asian cuisine in Glen Waverley, that should tell you something about this unsuspecting hub of authentic Thai food.

The best thing about Thai Yim is its freshness. And also its speediness. Since that first fateful day where I was privy to one of Glen Waverley’s best kept secrets, my boyfriend and I have dined in at Thai Yim many a time. It definitely puts us in a great mood for the weekend! What you are witnessing at the top of this post is their Penang chicken curry, which is like heaven for your tastebuds. I don’t know how they do it so quickly without compromising on quality, but you will have your dish ready about five minutes after you order and it will taste incredible. We have tried a few other dishes apart from this, such as the beef with basil, chilli and garlic cooked in the wok, but we always come back to this. It’s just so good!

As you can see from the photo, Thai Yim’s curries are loaded with vegetables. Unlike some other Thai restaurants, their dishes are actually quite healthy. They are literally bursting with fresh veggies, which means that you don’t get that too-full feeling afterwards (and which also leaves you room for a sneaky dessert). Another great thing: their servings are hella generous. One dish is more than enough for two, and one “small” rice shared between my boyfriend and I is never quite finished. They also have great table service, bringing water to you as soon as you sit down, and also giving you fried onions and chilli paste to have with your meal. The people are very friendly and are good at their job. No wonder they are always so busy, and have so many regulars.

So, the next time you are in Glen Waverley and feel like something delicious, I urge you to try Thai Yim. You may not have noticed it before, and it is easy to miss. Situated right next to Glen Waverley train station, you may not give it a second thought. But that would be your loss – as soon as you have that first mouthful, you will want to cry. It is really that good! It is an unassuming, small cafe which focuses on great food at great prices (one curry and a small rice between us? $6 each.) I am not one for fussy or snobby places, and if you feel the same, you will love Thai Yim.

After all, they do have the best Thai food in Glen Waverley!

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