I Love Max Brenner.

Another day, another gratuitous chocolate post. Rifling through my pictures folder, I came across this lovely memory of my birthday this year. As a testament to how well my friends know me, I was given a sentimental scrapbook by my best friend (love this), a set of three different teas from T2 by another friend (also love this), and this set of Max Brenner chocolates, as well as a MB chocolate fondue set, by a third fabulous friend (loooove this). I got a quick snap of the box in immaculate condition on my phone, before the decadent treats were devoured. Aren’t they pretty?

The funny thing is, they were almost too pretty. I like to enjoy my chocolate, and I tend to take very small bites to savour the taste and analyse the flavour. Yes, I am that person. But you should know this by now! Some of the flavours were berry chocolate, choc orange, coffee, strawberry. While they were yummy, and the quality is undeniable, I like my chocolate simple. When my boyfriend and I get a Max Brenner dessert, either a waffle drizzled in MB chocolate with bananas, strawberries and iceream, or the chocolate souffle also with strawberries and icecream, the simplicity of the dish allows the chocolate to shine. I love white, dark and milk chocolate, but I like to do their flavours justice. And I promise I’m not complaining! They were gorgeous, but I wasn’t too upset to share them with my mum (a fellow chocolate lover, presumably the person from whom I got the chocolate bug).

The fondue set is still untouched, and I am very excited by that. Plain, milk chocolate, warmed up and eaten with fruit, marshmallows or just by itself. I would (and do) happily do this sort of thing with Cadbury, having recently become hooked on Dream chocolate. You can take the girl out of the supermarket, but you can’t take the supermarket out of the girl!

It was a lovely present, and reminded me of what a great time I have had this year (so far). So many lovely people are in my life, and I like to remind myself of this. And it is the first day of spring today! It has been a beautiful day, and I feel like there are just so many possibilities. Like dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate…