Chocolate tart, anyone?

Chocolate pie

Does this make you hungry? It’s the Jamie Oliver chocolate tart, and it is a wall of pure chocolate, so it should. A few months ago my best friend kindly made this for my boyfriend to thank him for treating us to lunch when she wasn’t feeling well. I have lovely family and friends don’t I?! When she had told me what she was going to make, I was so excited. And when I had that first bite, I was in pure heaven.

This is a purely gratuitous post designed to showcase my best friend’s delightfully gluttonous dessert. That’s the sole reason. We surprised my boyfriend with it, which made it even more special. Served with Dairy Bell ice-cream, as you can see here, the flavours of the tart were beautifully complemented. The recipe comprises dark chocolate, cream, butter, sugar and not a lot else. I have had a lot of chocolate desserts in my time, and consider myself quite the chocolate connoisseur. But this tart really blew my mind! The pastry was like a cake in itself, and  the three of us were either silently eating it or giddily describing how incredibly it was. There is not much more to say, except that this one recipe may just be enough to justify buying Jamie’s whole book.

That’s it for now, have a happy Monday!