Gourmet with Soul: A Review of Ormond Providore, Ormond.

A little while ago, my boyfriend and I needed somewhere to refresh after playing a highly competitive game of tennis. (Just joking – it was a little bit for fitness and a lot for laughs.) One spot I had been eyeing off for a while was the Ormond Providore, located on the busy and often heartless North Road. This large, long road, consisting of 2-3 permanently busy lanes, cane make it difficult to create a cosy ambience. For one, it is full of road-ragers, but also it doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal of, say, a leafy suburb or beachside location. This means that any cafes opening along this strip have a lot to contend with. The Ormond Providore does this and more.

This day, we had planned to come to the Ormond Providore after our heated match. I, of course, had read reviews and had eyed it off on my way to and from various places, and was rather excited. From the moment we walked in I had a good feeling about it. The place manages to capture that homey, country style and has a great vibe about it. It is full of light, and is just really pretty to look at. All of the staff were friendly and helpful, assisting us with a table swap and recommending dishes. This one morning, there happened to be a special of pancakes with poached pears, chocolate sauce and hazelnuts with ice-cream. How could I say no? After all those calories I had burnt off in tennis, I figured I had earnt it!

The coffees were yummy – prompt and nicely brewed. In our case, nice and chocolatey too, as we drink mochas (both chinos and lattes – we are muy versatile). The pancakes you can see for yourself at the start of this post. They were delicious! Light and fluffy, with the pears being poached to perfection. The chocolate sauce was a naughty indulgence, and I did feel as if I was eating dessert for breakfast, but let’s not pretend that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I loved it! What a delicious way to start the day.

My boyfriend, who is more of a savoury man, ordered one of their gourmet pies. As an aside, another lovely thing about the Ormond Providore is all of their homemade jams and relishes. They are homemade and all look absolutely delicious. Definitely something to look into if you are a raging foodie. Now, getting back to the pie: it was incredible. Tall with flaky pastry and delicious meaty steak (just how you want your steak to be). It was beautiful. Served with a yummy tomato relish and a salad, although it was quite pricey (approx. $12), it was definitely great homecooked, quality food. Have a look here:

That morning I had a lovely time, and I credit that in large part to the wonderful company of my lovely boyfriend (aww), and also to our great experience at the Ormond Providore. Light-filled, warm and buzzing – but not too much of an “it” place that you can’t get a seat. The staff were personable and efficient. There are many yummy treats lurking around the counter as well – I spotted a number of homemade biscuits and slices which would go down a treat, if only I could have fit them in after my pancake dessert-breakfast. You may find it difficult to resist from treating yourself to a tasty treat or two, or at least from locking in a return date. Come here f0r a delectable breakfast or lunch with loved ones, and be prepared to indulge your senses. Ormond Providore has brightened up the North Road shopping strip, and is bursting with warmth and soul.

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P.S. Expect more reviews more often – I have been AWOL for a little while, but I’m back now! And how I’ve missed you 🙂