My Local Favourite: A Review of Cafe Choo Choo, McKinnon.

I love Cafe Choo Choo. There is no other way to say it. Perhaps it is because I have some sort of history with it – its previous incarnation, Cafe Roco, was where I had my first job. Or maybe it’s the lovely people. And of course, it definitely has something to do with the beautiful food. Yum!

My mother and I first started stopping by Cafe Choo Choo when we started walking last year. Getting up at 6:45am on a dark, wintry morning was made slightly easier by knowing that a yummy coffee was in store at the end. For a while, we were going everyday, but I wouldn’t go in otherwise. Because we would go so early and having just woken up, I thought it would be a bit weird to go later in the day, properly ready to be seen by the general public.

This went on for a while, until one day I went for lunch with mum and had a beautiful homemade lentil soup. The owners are Greek ande make most, if not everything, in the cafe, so there are some delicious traditional Greek style meals on offer. After this time, I went back with my boyfriend, family and friends, and have tried a lot of items on the menu. The fetta pie is to. die. for. It’s incredible – beautiful, flaky pastry stuffed full of tangy fetta, a very generous slice served with a freshly made Greek salad and homemade relish. It’s incredible. There is also a spinach pie which is stuffed with spinach and ricotta, and is a slightly (but only slightly) healthier option. They are both beautiful dishes and I think they are worth their weight in gold (and they’re both only $9).

These days, it is practically a ritual of ours to head down to Cafe Choo Choo for our family breakfast on a Saturday morning. We walk in, say hi to the owners and then proceed to move the furniture around. My usual? The muesli you see at the beginning of this post, which is full of fruit, served with a heap of fresh bananas, strawberries and kiwi fruits, and also with a jug of milk and a container of creamy, delicious yoghurt. I love it and look forward to it everytime. Of course, it depends on what you consider a tasty breakfast, and you may not be a fan of muesli in general. But I have tried the muesli/porridge at many a Melbourne cafe, and absolutely adore it. At Cafe Choo Choo, the servings are generous, and the owners kindly give me both the yoghurt and muesli because I like a bit of everything. It’s so generous for what it costs ($6.90). The service at Cafe Choo Choo is excellent – the owners and staff will learn your names, remember you and your orders, and make you feel supremely welcome.

My parents also have their favourites: eggs on toast with mushrooms (dad) and the big breakfast (mum). The big brekkie comes with two eggs, rashes of bacon, chorizo sausage, grilled tomato and mushrooms (all for approx. $12). Here’s a preview:

The coffee here is fantastic, the service is quick and the food is delicious. Although some other nearby cafes may appear more ‘cutting edge’ Cafe Choo Choo delivers on the food and coffee front, but also provides a beautiful ambience in which to discuss life, love and everything in between with friends and family. Cafe Choo Choo feels like home, and I love that in a cafe. If you want delicious coffee, breakfast or lunch made to your needs at a perfect price and personalised, friendly service, look no further than Cafe Choo Choo. You will be treated to a delicious meal at a great price and be  made to feel like a family member. Is there anything better than that?


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