Day 7 without chocolate, cake or biscuits.

And it’s haaard. It has been so miserable in Melbourne recently, cold, rainy and blustery. Perfect chocolate-munching weather. But no! After a few ridiculous blowouts involving donuts, cake and many, many cookies, I have tested myself to see if I can go for 10 days without my favourite sweet treats. Just to get back on track (which I seem to need to do quite regularly, but that’s another story). It’s particularly hard when your family seem to always have chocolate lying around (a large family block of Dream, anyone?) or when chocolate is thrusted at you everywhere you go (such as the mightily-tempting 80c packets of Lindor at the supermarket).

Why am I doing this to myself? I love chocolate! And cakes! And cookies, too. But I tend to go a little crazy and swing to the other side of the continuum in a heartbeat. No balance for me, just all-in or all-out. I don’t do very well with halves. Well, not straight off the bat. After a little while, I’ll be able to have my treats in smaller portions, but right now I need some time away from them. It’s a sad story.

In other news, I had my first day at my new job today. Working in a bank, there is a fair bit of training to do, which isn’t the most riveting stuff but I know it will be worth it. It’s fun getting out of the house, trying something new and meeting different people. A new skill set is always good, and I can see good things ahead. Even on freezing cold days like this! Oh how I would have loved to have curled up in bed, only to emerge around midday for an indulgent brunch or coffee. But working is pretty good too.

I can currently hear my brother talking about his travel plans, and that is also what I would like to do at some point in the future. Money first, travel next. But I do have a few trips coming up which will be delightful. Can’t wait!

More restaurant reviews are to come – I have been cooking and eating up a storm, so I will fill you in on those soon! Hope you are all well and surviving this icy Melbourne winter, perhaps with plenty of chocolate, cake and biscuits.