Absolutely Fabulous: Review of Fabulous Fine Foods, McKinnon.

Oh. My. God. Let’s just get it all out there: Fabulous Fine Foods in McKinnon is incredible. It certainly lives up to its name! Located on the blooming strip of McKinnon Road, Fabulous is the perfect ‘occasion’ restaurant. They have gathered a local clientele and are always busy, and for a very good reason.

Last week my family and I chose to hold our belated Mothers’ Day celebrations at Fabulous Fine Foods. And yum, I am glad we did. Heading in on a freezing night, we were warmly greeted by Ross, the fabulous host and (I think) owner of the venue. I distinctly remember him from my last visit, despite that being over a year ago. He’s the ultimate professional, very friendly and great at his job. And great company! He makes every single person feel important, and he really understands his customers.

Now for the food. To start, we shared one serve of warm, seasoned pita bread with tzatziki, which was more than enough for our family of four. Then came the mains: I ordered the Moroccan smoked salmon in a preserved lemon dukkah and on a quinoa, blackcurrant and nut salad. It was perfection. The salmon was beautiful and tender, the dukkah added just the right amount of spice and the salad was to die for. The blackcurrants really gave it a kick, I found it just a little bit different and very fabulous.

Both of my parents and my brother ordered the beef fillet, which came with a parmesan brioche and truffel oil jus. I was priveliged to try part of the brioche (no offers for the meat though!), and it was soft, warm and cheesy. Beautiful. Not a scrap was left on any of their plates.

And then it was time for dessert. So many to choose from! This proved to be a difficult decision for me: chocolate fondant, sticky date pudding or raspberry and white chocolate bread-and-butter pudding? The apple tart tatin won out, and it byooodiful. It was so delicate, with  beautiful crispy pastry and delicious apples. Not too heavy, not too light… just right. It came served with praline and vanilla bean icecream, which I devoured. No one got a look in on this dessert of mine! (But you can have a look at the picture at the beginning of this post.)

Amazing, yes? I think I died and went to heaven while I was eating this dessert. I love chocolate, but have overdone it a little recently, and this dessert was a refreshing treat and very much appreciated. I would go back there just for their cakes, and luckily, this is always on the menu.

Both my mum and my brother ordered the mint and strawberry creme brulee, which again did not touch the sides. Enjoyed with a couple of glasses of impressive wine and you quite possibly have the perfect meal.

Fabulous Fine Foods certainly isn’t cheap, so go there with the mindset of indulging yourself and not worrying about the price. My salmon was $34 and my tart tatin (yes, mine!) was $15. Definitely an occasion restaurant, and perhaps prohibitively expensive to eat there often. That said, if you can afford it, more power to you. Fabulous Fine Foods delivers unbeatable service, fine cuisine and gives you that fabulous experience you won’t forget.

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