Binge whinge.

As a committed foodie, it is taking all of my self-restraint not to devour a melting moment right now. A packet of 6 was bought the other night, five were consumed (one by me… yum) and there is now one left. Sitting there, taunting me. Ahhhhh sweet biscuit, why do you tease me so?

Around the end of last year, I decided to lose weight. And I did it. But for the past month, ever since Easter, I have found myself spiralling slowly downwards and backwards. Not very productive. Combined with my adored pet cat going missing, my motivation to turn things around is not all there right now. But I don’t want to get fat! What to do?

I find overeating such a Western dilemma. At the petrol station last night, all along the counter are shiny, happy-looking chocolate bars, calling out to you. ‘I’m only $2.80 or $4 for two! Buy two of me and you will save money!’ It’s really so mean but it works. These foods, which are meant to constitute a very minimal part, if any, of our diets are flung in our faces 24/7. Where were all the veggies and fruits? I don’t even know if they had any, and if they did I probably wouldn’t trust them. They may have been sitting there for a while.

There are steps I can take, and need to take, in order to assume responsibility. And to make life easier for myself. Baking a cake, for example, does not do this. I made a deeeeelicious pear and sour cream cake with walnut crumble the other night, and of course once it was there I couldn’t not have it. It was beautiful! But then the Lindt chocolate and biscuits following it really tipped me over the edge. Suddenly I had eaten so much stodge and none of it tasted great. Whereas when I eat healthily and occasionally indulge in a sugar-laden sweet treat, I enjoy it so much more.

I’m not sure what the moral of this story is. I just needed to get this out because it is driving me crazy and that delicious biscuit is still calling me from the kitchen. As my boyfriend says, once you’ve bought it and it’s in the house, game over. The trick is not to buy it, and to switch your mindset to one where you look forward to eating delicious fruit and vegetables, such as pears, plums (yum) and watermelon. This involves being prepared, and it can be hard to get used to. The best way to do this is to gently ease into it and not to berate yourself when you slip up. Just keep going, and it will work. It’s simple mathematics.

I still haven’t had the biscuit. I just had a bit of a chuppa chup, an orange and some salad, but no melting moment. So far, so good…