Cosy Coffee Spot: Review of Limonatta, McKinnon.

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by an abundance of delicious cafes. And I am also very lucky to be the sort of person who loves going to cafes (hard to find in Melbourne!). Although Limonatta is not our local, this murky Sunday morning we were looking for a delicious brunch, and we decided that Limonatta would fit the bill.

This week has been a stressful one, and although I felt quite zen’d out after my yoga class this morning, it did not last for too long. After a brief interlude of grumpiness, my parents and I made our way down to the cosy confines of Limonatta. Situated right next to McKinnon station, this is a place that I had often wondered about but had not eaten in until this year. This was for a number of reasons, notably that I used to work in one of the cafes nearby and so perhaps subconsciously was steering clear of ‘the enemy’. Or maybe not. In any case, I overcame my ‘fear’ this year, and have had quite a few delicious Limonatta experiences since.

Limonatta is nice and cosy, just the way I like my cafes. A couple of times the staff haven’t appeared too warm, but this was not the case today. We were welcomed and made to feel at home, and although most of the tables were taken up, I asked the nice lady next to us if we could borrow one of her two (she was dining solo) and she was lovely about it. Even though she’s not a staff member, I just thought I’d share with you that the people who eat at Limonatta are very hospitable too! Very important when choosing your Sunday morning brunch spot.

So, the place was warm and cosy, and boy, was I hungry. We had to wait for a minute to get menus, but the waitress was nice and took our coffee orders straight away. After about 30 seconds’ worth of perusing their menu, I knew what I was getting. I popped out to get the paper (a Sunday must) and once I got back, my folks had ordered. There was a 15ish minute wait, and then our food came. The only gripe I have ever had with this place is the service, which can seem a bit cold and can be slow. However, I did see a man (who I think is the owner) mixing up my muesli by hand, so I appreciate the time it takes to deliver good food.

And my muesli was delicious. Bircher style with a heap of  fresh natural yoghurt, grated apple and berry compote – divine. (The slightly blurry image at the beginning of this post gives you an idea of the deliciousness.) It was really beautiful. The yoghurt was amazing, and apple was crispy, the muesli so tasty and the berry compote tart but sweet. I enjoyed myself thoroughly! And ended up polishing off the whole bowl, which is surprisingly deep. For those of you who love a healthy breakfast option, Limonatta does theirs very well.

My parents ordered eggs on toast, one with mushrooms (mum) and the other by itself (dad). Have a look here:

Yummy, non? Again, mum had to wait with her eggs right in front of their before they delivered dad’s and then the cutlery, which could be frustrating for those of us who get painfully hungry! However, there were only three people on the staff, and being one of the few cafes on the strip open on a Sunday, they were very busy. This may be different during the week, and the staff were all friendly towards us. My parents both enjoyed their meals, and went on to have another coffee each, while we all flicked through the newspapers (and the newspaper magazines – my guilty pleasure).

Limonatta is a lovely place to eat in, and is very nicely decorated. One wall features a photo board of the cafe and people who I’m assuming are loyal customers and family. It’s a very nice touch. Their menu is really delicious as well, featuring slightly gourmet breakfasts and tasty lunchtime treats, including spanakopita. I have generally found their coffees quite tasty, sometimes better than others. And everything is reasonably priced – and rather generous.

Limonatta is a charming cafe, perfect for breakfast or lunch (or even brunch). Although I hadn’t tried it until this year, I will definitely be going back for that yummy muesli. And even though it is right near the station, there is something trendy and inner-city about that. Providing you go when it’s not at its busiest, you’ll have a tasty experience at Limonatta.

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