Post-Easter Crunch.

This Easter was particularly hard. Not because I experienced a shortage of chocolate or, heaven forbid, loved ones. No no no, exactly the oppsoite. We had relatives over, as I have previously mentioned on here, and so there was chocolate everywhere. Being Scottish, they love their ‘sweeties’, and my mum being my mum, she overdid it to the max. We had about 5 buckets of Cadbury Creme Eggs, as well as white chocolate buttons (from a chocolate factory – beautiful and smooth), mango cremes (also from the factory and equally smooth), milk chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, dark chocolate bars, and more. It was all here and within reach.

I had gotten used to this, but today was a big wakeup call. After pep-talking my best friend into eating healthily a few weeks ago, it was now her turn to coach me. We went for an hour walk, and she had brought her own food to my place. Really, really healthy food. It made me feel self-conscious about eating crap, so I didn’t! She had a tin of tuna and a protein shake, so when I had illicit thoughts about sneaking a bite or two of chocolate, I surpressed them and had half a carrot instead. Mmm.

It is fun being healthy though. After Easter I feel like my arteries are still unclogging themselves, so it’s only fair that I help them out a bit. They have been good to me all these years! And just thinking about Creme Eggs makes me feel nasty. Nasty! I’m dedicated to getting back into my healthy lifestyle and feeling better. Watch this space.

I hope you all had a happy Easter, and didn’t over-eat too much!