Caffe Belluno: best gelato in Melbourne Town!

* Sadly, Cafe Belluno is now closed. But please I have retained this review for posterity… Enjoy* 🙂

So, there is a fantastic small cafe around my area called Caffe Belluno. It is nondescript, unassuming and not too obvious. But there is a secret about Caffe Belluno that you need to know, that you really must find out…

Their home-made gelato is amazing.

I mean, it is surely one of God’s greatest gifts to this earth. And although that is a big call to make, I really don’t think I’m overdoing it here. On my first visit to this lovely cafe, I was treated to a Mexican bean wrap, complete with a homemade tzatziki-like dipping sauce. It was delicious. But it was when I discovered the gelato that my world turned upside down.

The owners make the gelato themselves, and there is a such a wide range of flavours to choose from including fig, forrerro rocher and a divine chocolate. I have been venturing there quite frequently and indulging myself (best you could never see that coming!), and I am addicted. Along with the soft-serve ice cream on the cone or in the cup, they also have frozen popsicles. The same ice-cream, but slightly colder and in stick form. Last time my boyfriend had one which was half-vanilla and half-chocolate, and after I had one lick I had to get one too. The vanilla is so sweet and creamy, and the chocolate… oh, the chocolate… it is like a block of dark chocolate was frozen and served up, it is so dense and syrupy and delectable. I practically dream about it – it’s the best ice-cream I have ever had. And I have had many a scoop of ice-cream.

The great thing about Caffe Belluno is that they use all-natural ingredients. The owner was telling me how the places on Lygon St can make it look all fluffy and nice because they put artificial powders and ingredients in their gelato. I told her that theirs was better than Lygon St. It still looks delicious, but I don’t think you will completely know until you try it. More people need to know about this gem of a place. It is located on Centre Rd, heading towards the highway, so it is not as busy as other parts of the road. But the staff are lovely, it is a family-run business and authentically Italian, and you will receive great quality food. They also do catering, and can practically make you any pizza, pasta or other type of meal that you desire. Lovely people and fantastic food.

It really doesn’t get any better than this!

I went again with my best friend today, after raving to her about it. Although we are both trying to eat healthily, and had for most of the day, I said that we should go have a look so I can show her. When she suggested we just walk past but don’t go in, I told her that probably won’t be possible. We went for a huge walk to prepare to indulge ourselves, and both had one of the vanilla-chocolate icy poles. Needless to say, I have converted another fan. “This is like mousse!” she said as she was experiencing the delight that is their chocolate ice cream. When the owner asked if we were enjoying it, I told her how I had raved about it and that it was fantastic. It really, really is, and if you’re a fan of premium quality gelato, and fantastic service, you should try it as soon as you finish reading this post.

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