On the (job) hunt

So I have reached that stage where I need to grow up. This year is all about transition for me, but already I am feeling itchy feet and want to get moving. I feel like I have been floating around neither here nor there and it is starting to do my head in, quite frankly.

I had a look online today at media jobs to get an idea of what was available. Not much, it would seem. Plenty for admin and receptionists, though. Le sigh. I have made a couple of calls (to Leader Newspapers and Fairfax Media) so far, and left messages with the relevant people. If I don’t receive a call today, I will try again tomorrow.

I have also been scouring online for any opportunities, and some have presented themselves, but not many. I think it is really an industry where you need to go out, ask and discover by yourself, rather than have everything delivered to your door, or to your preferred job site as the case may be.

In other news, I have decided to start adding cafe and restaurant reviews to this blog. After a deep and meaningful conversation (one of many) with my boyfriend on Friday, at one of our favourite cafes, we decided that I should definitely review the myriad places I visit. I would go there anyway, but seeing as I talk about them so much, I may as well make it a concrete thing. I find this quite, no, very, exciting.

Today is the day where everyone has gone back to uni. Not me though. I think that is also what has given me a bit of a push. I want to start living a real life, not just bumming around. Although I do love a good bludge, I can’t do it forever. It’s funny, after a while you start to feel a need to be productive. I am craving it.

I should get back to contacting/hunting people down – I will be sure to keep you informed of my progress. It has to happen soon. I’ve decided work experience is the key, so work experience is what I will get. Just watch me!

Have a lovely day, I will check in again shortly.


Image: graur razvan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net