The Joys of Fruit

So I am back from my NYC adventure. It was so much fun! When we were over there, they happened to have a snowstorm, which was so much fun for me. I had never seen snow before, so it was very exciting! Probably not so mnuch for those who had to work everyday. But I was on my holiday!

It’s such a beautiful city. I absolutely loved it. The only drawback is the flight over – 30 hours including transit. Ouch. It really hurts. I don’t mind economy, but you sure can’t get a decent night’s sleep there. We were both zombies when we arrived back in Melbourne, but after about a week or so of getting back into the swing of things, we have been reminiscing on all of the good times we had. So, so many of those.

For instance, when we went on a search for Barney’s on the (snooty) Upper East Side, and people couldn’t understand our accents.

Me: “Do you know where Barney’s is?”
Pedestrian: “What?? Bahney?”
Me: “No, Bahh-ney’s! Bahhh-ney’s!”
Pedestrian: “Oh, Barrrrney’s!”
Me: “Yes, yes.”

Hilariously ridiculous.

Another great highlight, probably my biggest one, was the food. Yes, I’m sure you are surprised to hear that after reading even just a snippet of this blog. I love my food with an intense, raging passion. We were lucky enough to be going there in the second week of NY Restaurant Week (it’s actually a fortnight), and we went to two high-class venues on a low-class budget. Their cheesecake is to die for. I have actually eaten so much cheesecake there that now even the thought of it makes me feel a little queasy, but it was so delicious at the time.

I am glad to be back in Melbourne though. The coffee here is unparalleled, for one thing. And the light is magnificent. My boyfriend kept commenting on it as soon as we got back home, and we really are lucky to live in this beautiful country. It’s the best city on earth! I definitely missed it while we were away. I love New York, and I will definitely go back there, but I guess it is similar to Melbourne, except on a much grander scale. We are doing things pretty well over here.

If you’re wondering about the title of this post, I suppose it is the backlash to my binge eating in the US. We gorged ourselves on candies, chocolate, cake and cookies (CCCC), and now I am absolutely craving fruit. Oranges in particular. The funny thing is, although I feel we have better fruit in general over here than most places in the world, we did happen to have some delicious oranges while we were there. They were divine. And our ones at home right now just don’t compare. Go figure!

I hope you all have a lovely, productive day ahead of you. And eat some tasty fruit!