New York/Empire state of mind

I am so, so excited about our forthcoming trip to NYC. By ‘our’ I mean my boyfriend’s and mine, and am unfortunately not referring to you, dear reader. Which would be a bit strange anyway. We leave this Sunday, at 1pm, and I still haven’t packed. Heck, I never pack earlier than two days before I leave for anywhere! Case in point: I am heading down to Portsea with friends tomorrow after work, and I got no idea who’s even drivin’.

I still haven’t finished my NYC books, although I still have them on loan from the library. Must remember to return them before I leave, in order to avoid hefty fines and disapproving stares from library staff. Yes, I know, I have a history of late returns. I’m sorry!

One of our local haunts, Cafe Choo Choo, re-opened today. I can’t say that I wasn’t a bit too excited. It’s a place where I feel comfortable, and also one which makes great food and coffee. I find it to be quite rare for a venue to combine these two vital elements of cafe dining. Delicious mocha, yet again.

I then ran some errands, and had a delicious Korean lunch with my boyfriend. We later made an equally, if not more, delicious dinner, with him cooking beautiful fillets of lamb on the BBQ, and I perfecting a beetroot and fetta salad. Mouth-wateringly divine.

Speaking of mouth-watering, and getting back to NYC, we had a look at the NY Restaurant Week, which happens to fall in the first week of our stay. We found a delicious Mexican place, Rose Mexicano, which I think will be amazing. The diners and traditional American venues also look very scrumptious. But I think the fine cuisine we are most excited about is that which we will find at Magnolia’s Bakery. O.M.G. Just one look at their menu and we were both salivating like Pavlov’s dog. Oh, and it happens to be 4 blocks from our place. Ca-ching!

On that note, sweet dreams and sweet cupcakes to all!

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