Delicioso days

Last night my boyfriend, two of his friends and myself enjoyed a delicious pizza in Carlton.  Pizza a Metro, 0n Grattan St, honestly has the best pizza in Melbourne. Ever. I think I have previously posted about this, but if I haven’t, their quattro frommaggi is to die for. The only problem with the four cheeses is that you slowly feel your arteries close up and the more you try to push through the pain the worse it gets. But it really is worth it for all pizza lovers and Melburnian foodies.

It was really a beautiful night last night. Still 35 degrees at 9pm, we enjoyed our meal al fresco in the beautiful, ambient Carlton streets. A couple of UDL gin and tonics (surprisingly delicious) and the crustiest, cheesiest pizza in good company really makes for a terrific night. We have a great life, and I love getting to know my city better.

On the eve of our trip to NYC, I have realised that I need to get out more and enjoy this beautiful city of ours. There really is so much to appreciate which I don’t think I do enough. Great coffee, multicultural cuisine and a different climate every day. Talk about variety!

To do today:

  • Work @ 3pm (non-negotiable)
  • Clean my car (sunscreen on the floor mats really ain’t kosher)
  • Read some mags and newspapers
  • Enjoy my Saturday!

As an aside, or perhaps not so much considering my obvious fascination with food, I am hanging out for my local cafes to re-open on Monday and Wednesday. Choo Choo Cafe and Ormond Cafe D’Lish combine great coffee, delicious food (Greek and Thai respectively) with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Can’t. Wait. So excited!

Enjoy your Saturday, and have a coffee for me!


Image: Suat Eman /