Getting closer

Another day, another daydream. And so my life continues. I have been feeling a little flat today, a little lost. Wondering where my life is going to take me. And all this wondering makes me tired, so I wind up doing nothing. Not too great for the economy, that’s for sure.

I found out today that a girl I know who just finished Year 12 got into medicine. I am so happy for her, and she deserves it. It just got me thinking about  own life, dreams and ambitions. Which I would have been thinking about anyway, because that’s pretty much all I think about these days, but still, it spurred me on that little bit more. And I’ve decided you can only do what it is that you think is right for you at the time. We all make mistakes, but if we don’t try, what is the point? Like in that scene from Up in the Air, there is no point.

I want to be more productive, and keep pushing towards my current goals. Keep inching a little closer, and slowly but surely, I’ll accomplish more than I realise. I like when success and fulfillment sneak up on you like that, I find it quite charming.

In other news, I made a delicious salmdinner tonight, salmon fillets with a sweet chilli and lime sauce, with borwn rice and vegetables. To be fair, I did steal the recipe from a fantastic special I had at Zest 89 restaurant in Glen Waverley, so props to then. But after a little researching online, I found out that the sauce is so simple, literally sweet chilli sauce + lime. Fantastic. And it tastedso good. I have decided I need more omega-3 fats in my diet, so fish, fish, fish. Mmm.. fishy.

I am already hanging out for breakfast tomorrow. My days have become a familiar pattern in which food takes centre stage. Seriously, I dream about food, I got to bed thinking about breakfast, and it takes all my might to not snack on chocolate when it’s dark and cold outside. I do enjoy cooking, and blogging (clearly) – hey, maybe I should blog about my cooking, and then make a movie out of it? Yeah, it’d be great, and we could get, say, Meryl Streep in it? What do you think? …Guys…?

Speaking of Meryl Streep, I think she really is, as E! News states (that beacon of la vérité, ‘the epitome of class’. I saw her taking questions after her Golden Globe win for Julie and Julia, and she is so graceful and lovely. I have become a victim of her charms! Much like the rest of the world I think. Sigh… She’s fab.


  • Coffee @ Limonatta
  • Clean out room, drop clothes at charity bin
  • City @ 12:30
  • Lurk in city for a while?
  • Pick up my boots before 6
  • Read, read, read

I have been looking up journalism positions online, but I know I can give it more of a go than I have so far. I need to get myself out there, really show my face and get started. I don’t know what it will take for this to happen – necessity, I guess. But I’m going to aim to get some work experience on my local leader paper in the next month or so. Let’s see what happens!

Night night to all,