Feeling fit and fancy free!

I found out last night I have lost a fair amount of weight. I already felt lighter but a little weigh-in on the scales confirmed this. I am approximately 6-7kg lighter than the last time I weighed myself! After eating healthily for months and foregoing chocolate as a dessert and/or meal, it is nice to see that my hard work is paying off. Very, very satisfying indeed!

Feeling good is all about balance. Last year I started going for walks with my friend and mum, but did not watch what I ate. Since then, I have found out that being fit and losing weight is 80% food and 20% exercise. You can do all the exercise in the world but it won’t help you much if you are filling your body with junk. After cutting out the obvious obstacles to weight loss, such as lollies, chocolate and massive bowls of pasta, I have now become more interested in portion size and eating at consistent times of the day. This not only helps with sleeping but with losing weight as well. I feel like I have taken small, gradual steps and am now able to advance further because of this.

That said, exercise is critically important, and I would like to make a habit of consistently elevating my heart rate and sweating out toxins. I went for a walk this morning with my best friend, and it was a good long, satisfying session. Of course, we rewarded ourselves with a coffee and a delicious breakfast of oats, cinnammon, banana and honey. Everything in moderation!

This afternoon I will be seeing ‘Up in the Air’ with my mum. I’ve heard only good things so far, and it’s been a while since I last saw a movie. I also haven’t been home as much recently, so it will be nice to have some quality mother-daughter time, spent with George Clooney, no less!

Wishing you all a good day – as an aside, I have recently started City Boy by Edmund White, and will keep you informed on my progress. So far, it appears to be a gossipy account of his life in NYC during the ’60s and ’70s… excellent!

Love, Steph x