I would like to recap today’s marvellousness for those of you who may not have experienced it.

Today’s tasty morsel: this morning’s fetta pie at my local cafe. Absolutely perfect, melt-in-your-mouth fetta cheese in soft and flaky pastry, with a divine Greek salad. O.M.G. for real. Coupled with a delicious mocha and the fabulous company of my gorgeous boyfriend, it was a fantastic experience.

A word to the wise: I l0ve my food. With a crazy, intense passion. There is too much good food in the world to eat something unsatisfying. Go with your gut!

After our beautiful meal, my boyfriend and I spent a few hours planning our early-Feb trip to NYC. He has never been to the US before, nor I to the East Coast, so it is an exciting time for us both. We are currently both waiting on our passports to be approved, but once that is all done we are reading for action. Soho! Empire State! Bloomingdale’s! So many things to see and experience. Can’t wait.

I love being with someone with whom I can have such fabulous and deep conversations. I don’t mean to gush, but my boyfriend is the bomb. I feel like I can really be myself, and he shows me how the only boundaries I experience are those which I place on myself. It’s a great feeling being with someone so open-minded and supportive. I am so thankful that I have him in my life.

After over-indulging in the aforementioned pie, a curry and coconut pastry (there is a proper name for it which escapes me at this moment), half of a lemon tart and a tiny bit of a brownie, I sussed out whether a local friend of mine was free for a walk. Success! After having so much fun during the day, I can often get sad at night. It is too much of a come-down for my overexcited state! So it was lovely to see her, and we went for a good walk. We both cannot believe next year is 2010 – twenty-ten. Yikes. Really?

Remember y2k? We had a good chuckle about that. What were we all thinking? And what were those cans of tuna really going to do? Ohhh we laugh now, but it seemed so scary at the time!

Life lesson learnt today: don’t worry, be happy. And more expensive (in a fancy area) is definitely not necessarily better.

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